Guide to Ibogaine and Its Benefits


Addiction to heroin and deaths due to overdose is one of the more important problems that government is facing.  This has led to a crisis in public health.  There are thousands of Americans dying of heroin overdose and it still seem so far from control even at this time.  Both government and scientists are looking for ways to curb heroin addiction and at present they are still looking for treatment that is a painless kind of relief for this addiction.

The introduction of Ibogaine is one of these efforts; Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance found in plants of the Apocynaceae family.  It seems that this plant is giving hope to thousands of heroin addicts and those grappling with heroin overdoes.  This substance is known to be able to treat opioid addiction and has been found to be effective to deal with addiction to opioids which is considered the most difficult drugs to deal with.  In order to stop addiction, ibogaine works to disrupt the pattern formed by the opioid addiction in the brain.

What will happen to the user of Ibogaine is that he will has an intense psychedelic experience for a day or two or more.  Treatment with ibogaine helps patients reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings and enables them to reverse their drug using behaviors.

Ibograins is also found to be effective in treating other dependencies like alcohol, suboxone, methodane, and various stimulants.  Ibogain is able to disrupt addictive patterns that are caused by the substance in the brain.  When the consumer uses opioid, it bind with the receptors in the brain.  IT is the brain that makes you crave for drugs if you use it regularly so that there is always that experience of having an increased urge to use the drug every now and then.  The work of ibogaine is to act on the brain part where the cravings come from and takes them back t their original state, and when this happens withdrawal symptoms and cravings stop.

IT is said that those who used ibogaine only needed a single session and they were able to combat severe opioid addiction.  If a user takes a single dosage of ibogaine, he will be in a psychedelic state for around 30 hours.  This state they are in can greatly help in controlling the habit since they are able to gain significant insights into their addiction.  Sometimes just one session marks the end of addiction.  But users are recommended to continue with counseling and to seek help from support groups to prevent a relapse. Learn more about ibogaine at

In the US, ibogaine is still identified as schedule I drug.  It is not lawful to use ibogaine.  Ibogain can treat heroin addiction but it is not yet recommended for medical use in the country.


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